In 2016 the festival will be attended by about 400 young artists from 15 countries and various Polish regions and more than 2,000 spectators- residents of Lodz and the Lodz region.

Invitation to the VI International Festival Folk INSPIRATIONS received  our partners from the following countries: Armenia, Algeria, Belarus, Bulgaria, China, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Greece, Georgia, Spain, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Moldova, Palestine, Russia, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, Italy, Hungary, United Kingdom.

  •  Young artists are the participants of the festival: dance groups, vocal and vocal-music singers, photographers, designers, fashion designers and professional artists – musicians, artists, photographers, designers and designers inspired in their work by national traditions, folklore and ethnic culture.
  • Both school children and young people up to the age of 30,
    and students are involved in the festival.
  • Thetarget group of the activities in the field of intercultural education and regional are also children
    and schoolchildren from Lodz and the Lodz region, remaining on vacation in a place of residence and participating in summer holidays in the city.
  • Informal youth groups will be involved In international exchange project.
  • The festival will be attended by a group of about 80 Polish and foreign volunteers,
    including seniors.
  • The festival audience is more than 4,000 people- inhabitants of Lodz and the Lodz region and tourists -active participants in artistic street actions.