The project will be carried out in a professional recording studio and in a photo studio. A song entitled ” Lodz goes folk” composed specially for this purpose will be recorded in the studio.  It will be preceded by vocal workshops. The project will be attended by both Polish and foreign vocalists participating in the festival. A photo session for the exhibition “Folk-portraits” is going to take place in the photo studio. The photo session will be attended by representatives of all groups as well as  individual participants of the festival. The session will be carried out by a group of young photographers from the Photography Classes under the guidance of professionals: a teacher of photography and a photoreporter.

  •        Folk recording studio- Song  „United by folk!”

Vocalists participating in the festival will record a song „Lodz goes folk“.  Its lyrics will refer to the idea of ​​the festival, which is to inspire young people to create in different fields of art based on the cultural heritage of nations and ethnic groups in the world. The song will be about intercultural positive energy of young people present in the streets of Lodz, its aim is to invite residents to have fun with  the ethnic rhythms of different nations in magical places Lodz, to inspire young people to create. The song is to be a musical message of the festival for all the people who speak different languages, who  ​​are different but equal, who are colorful, who want to make friends,  be together despite their differences. The  song has to be energetic, has to combine the characteristic rhythms of different nations.  Polish oberek will be a linking element. The song will be recorded  by the festival’s international vocalists in a professional recording studio. The recording will be preceded by vocal workshops during which singers will be acquainted with the specifics of work in the studio with regard to solo and group singing. During the workshops, young artists will have the opportunity to make trial recordings to gain the skills necessary during the final recording. The song “united by folk!” will be recorded in the recording studio and released on CD together with selected compositions of the partcipants of the festival. The album will be prepared for  promotional purposes  and it will be free, it will be one of the long-lasting effects of the Festival. The song will be used in the video.

  •  Folk photography studio – Galery „Folk-portraits”.

 The participants of the festival, in the traditional or inspired by folklore costumes, regional and national, will take part in a photo session in the atelier of  Pałac Młodzieży. Photographs will be taken by a  selected project group of young photographers under the supervision of professionals. Participants will also be able to take part in photography workshops concerning digital and analogue processing. After the photo session, selected best portraits will be printed in  paper. Framed portraits will be exhibited in the selected city gallery or other interesting place  under the name “Folk-portraits.”