• Project team which includes: Festival director, artistic director, the head of the festival office, accountant, design coordinator, promotion and events coordinator, logistics coordinator, volunteer coordinator ,foreign spokesman coordinator, coordinators – project leaders-works for 6 months before the festival. In total, the project team consists of 25 people.
  •  The logistics activities are accompanied by a group of young people from Lodz Youth Volunteer Centre working in the Youth Palace in Lodz.
  • During the festival there are  volunteers , program tasks coordinators, technical service and paramedics
  • Festival Office (since the establishment of the project team) has been responsible for: coordinating contacts with the participants of the festival, registration for the festival,  participants and guests attendance during the festival, coordinating the transport of people and support for team meetings.
  • Catering group is responsible for meals.
  • Festival office in collaboration with the  hostel are responsible for accomodation.
  •  Transport of people is held by hired buses and public transport.
  • Transport of equipment is held by hired public transport.

 Altogether there are more than 100 people –volunteers, coordinators –volunteers from CONVIVO foundation and employees of Pałac Młodzieży working for the festiwal.