The project will be implemented in two stages: 3 months before the festival and during the festival. Workshop part will be held in the Design Studio in Pałac Młodzieży, show will take place at the Fashion Promotion Centre. Project is directed to youth interested in fashion inspired by folklore, including students of textile design from Politechnika Łódzka and Academy of Fine Arts.

  •       GOLDEN BOAT 2016 - Design Competition 

 The competition is open to students and graduates of art schools and young designers full of passion and imagination, who can understand the market, the latest trends and needs and know how to use these observations. The main objective of the contest is to inspire young designers to design textiles, clothing and jewelry based on the theme of folk and tradition of different nations and ethnic groups in the world. The verdict of the jury, handing in  the statuettes  and the awards will take place during a special ceremony at the Fashion Promotion Centre. The competition will be organized in partnership with the Fashion Promotion Centre, Institute of Textile Architecture and a „Designer“ group. Young designers invited by the two universities are going to present their  works inspired by folklore and ethnic motifs.

  •       Exhibition „FOLK DESIGN – textiles”

 It will be a presentation of works made by young designers – textiles, clothing and jewelery, the participants of the “Golden Boat 2016 – Design”. This year’s exhibition focuses on projects in which textiles play a major role. At the exhibition you will be able to see interior fabrics and clothing fabrics as well as fashion collections. Among the projects one will also find the art of jewelery based on the use of textile products. The exhibition will be organized in cooperation with the Museum of the Factory and the “Designer” group , it will take place in one of the exhibition halls of the museum.

  •       Collection of clothes inspired by folklore.

Collection is prepared  within the project “Intergenerational Design Studio SPLOT” present in Pałac Młodzieży- a  collection of clothes inspired by folklore. The collection will consist of outerwear (coats, jackets, blankets, shawls), the design of which will be based on textile techniques learned during workshops in the Design Studio.
Far East is the inspiration – folklore in traditional costumes of such Asian countries  as Japan, China, Taiwan. It will be a collection of women’s clothing, which will be based on several models of outerwear, about 20 pieces. The collection will consist of 3 simple coats as well as trousers and blouses. Each of the designers will have to design a silhouette. S/he will be able to create the fabric himself/herself. Each project will be ceated in such a way to design one coherent piece of clothing. The work will be created for 4 months before the festival by the participants from  Design Studio – young designers and seniors invited to the project.

  • „Folk fasihon evening”

Fashion Show prepared  by Design Studio in Pałac Młodzieży, a collection made by young designers- winners of the “Golden Boat 2016 – Design” and fashion companies – partners of the festival. The show will constitute a part of the final concert at the Fashion Promotion Centre.