The festival is held in cooperation with many partners – cultural and educational institutions, private entrepreneurs and companies and non-governmental organizations, under the honorary patronage of local and state government and diplomats.

  •  we have applied for the Honorary Patronage of: Minister of National Education, Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, the Mayor of Łódź, Marshal of Lodz, the Voivoid of Lodz.
  • Media patronage: TVP Lodz,  TV Toya, Radio Lodz.
  • Partners in the implementation of tasks: Lodz Region – Marshal’s Office in Lodz, Lodz City – The City of Lodz – Department of Education, Department of Culture, Promotion, Tourism and International Cooperation, District Council Retkinia-West Smulsko.

Universities: Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, Fashion Promotion Centre, Technical University of Lodz, University of Lodz,

Cultural institutions: Central Museum of Textiles, Factory Museum in Lodz,

Educational institutions and organizations: Primary School No. 173 in Lodz, Zespół Szkół Ponadgimnazjalnych Nr 5 w Łodzi, Związek Harcerstwa Polskiego Chorągiew Łódzka, Venae Artis Association.

Private companies: Manufaktura, Wytwórnia, Syzan, Cynamon hostel, Anatewka Restaurant, Longtable  Agency