The beginning of the year is usually the time for making  plans for the future. Another year and  another festival is over, but new experiences, great international friendships, memories, emotions are still in our memory.

VI MFTM Folk Inspirations is about 8 unforgettable festival days taking place  in beautiful places of revitalized Lodz, 28 street events – on the stage – in the studio and on the catwalk- concerts, performances, street animations, exhibitions, fashion shows, workshops, movie plan, ” The Golden Boat” competition, a parade, a fair- but above all young artists from 15 countries of the world, works inspired by folk music and positive energy of participants, volunteers and the public that created one festival family. Because the words are not enough we would like to invite you to watch a short reportage from VI MFTM Folk Inspirations.

Thank you for these memories!!!

And in the New Year- 2017 we wish all participants and supporters of Folk Inspirations another unforgettable moments filled with joy,energy, tolerance, peace, wonderful people and may your artistic dreams come true.

We belive that for all of us it will be a Good Folk Year!

For how could be otherwise if in a moment we are preparing for our next festiwal to be able to meet with you in June for the seventh edition of the festiwal!